Twisted garter cuff/edging - So neat!

Baltic Braid. Tutorial by Dorie.

Technique to turn garter stitch to tartan

Icord Bind Off. Such a beautiful edge.

TECHknitting: Edging for garter stitch

An elegant method for "picking up" stitches on the side of a piece of knitting

Blanket Edging

Tutorial. The Frilled Cast On is extremely simple and gives a pretty, frilled edge that looks like crochet and blocks quite flat on a Stockinette Stitch piece. It is a good match for the Picot Bind Off, and is a nice alternative to Ribbing, Garter or Moss Stitch when you want an edging that is more decorative or delicate..

How To Knit a Neat Selvage. Knit to the last stitch of each row and bring the yarn forward before slipping it. The result resembles a line of knit stitches running up the side of the piece, not unlike a bound-off edge.

Simple Garter Stitch Slippers 2 strands of fingering weight or o1 worsted weight! So going to make these! FREE PATTERN on Ravelry!

Lace Edging Knitting Pattern

Knit:: k1p3. shift every 3 rows.

WOW! knits

pretty scarf.

Fisherman's Rib - with tutorial for knitting and purling into the stitch below..

knit 1 below technique #knitting #tutorials

Crochet Edging Tutorial

leaf lace edging

House Shoes, garter stitch knit with salmon skin soles. Love it!

Shifting Sands stitch