How to Do Winged Eyeliner

The Kitty Cat Eye tutorial

makeup tutorial

all i need is liquid eyeliner!

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Different ways to line your eyes. A new one for every day of the week... | Eyeliner swag, #funny - shirt boy

Wide eyes: 12 ways to make your blinkers look bigger

Emerald Green Eyeliner Tutorial

A lot of girls who don't like to wear makeup just use white eyeshaddow, this is such a cute way to use it if you like white eyeshaddow!!!

Great cat eye liner, use Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner. Contact Sandra at 404-731-8431 or

Eyeliner wings

Perfect eye

liquid eyeliner tips

Gorgeous look for brown eyes (or any!): burgundy, light pink, gold shimmer, black winged eyeliner + gold liner.

Foolproof cat eyes! Smoky eyeshadow, eyeliner, and angled brush! via nerdygirlmakeup


makeup :)

Beauty Tricks: White Eyeliner adds extra brightness to your eyes & really helps you to look more awake (especially after an all-nighter!)