The most famous brand each state has produced.

United States of America Map - Fun US Map for Playroom, Classroom or Bedroom

Smile! Cool concept for collaborative piece

'Merica Poster

Vintage America the Beautiful - printable

make a valentine's day hat

Continental Divide Trail - 3,100 miles, 4 states.

Create this canvas with tissue paper and water!

LOVE!!!! Give each student a puzzle piece to decorate... keeping the edges intact so it can be re-assembled. Use for a lesson in acceptance... how each individual piece is beautiful on its own. But what a masterpiece you get when you put them all together!

A great example of a classroom project! All students participating, each students fingerprint identified in the key below, creating a contemporary, universally appealing piece with a whole lot of sentiment! "Kindergarten Class Auction Project - Chicago Skyline -- finished!"

Photos from each state you visit - glued onto a giant map and cut to fit the shape of the state.

I like this because I would hang it in my house, auction project from my kids or not. I like the idea of the kids decorating the little wooden pieces and putting them together to make something.

travel map

each student paints a piece for the art show

puzzle pieces

love America

cute decorating idea


auction project!

map ornaments from vacations - put the dates on the back