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How to Clean a Refrigerator

Learn how to perform basic cleaning and maintenance on your refrigerator, including tips and techniques for removing mildew, cleaning your freezer and dusting refrigerator coils in this home appliance video series.

18 Ways to Deep Clean Your Home    1. Wipe down the legs of all your chairs. Dust tends to accumulate on these.    2. Wipe down all your baseboards with a wet cloth. Follow up my rubbing a dryer sheet on them to prevent dust from sticking. While you are doing this you will find so many tiny weird little corners like these that are so hard to clean! Have mercy on whoever had to install these.      3. Clean behind and underneath all furniture. Move beds, scoot dressers away from the wall and…

D and R Tabb: 18 Ways to Deep Clean Your Home.I am tired by just reading this to-do cleaning list!

5 Steps To Clean A Leather Couch Like The Pros

Before you attempt cleaning your leather couch yourself, you need to confirm if your leather couch is made with finished or unfinished leather material. It is best to find out if there is any prefe.

How to Clean Your Engagement Ring at Home

How to Clean Your Engagement Ring on

Three ways of how to Clean Your Ring at Home, definitely worth pinning. Because I'm obsessed with a clean engagement ring!

Learn how to Clean the Oven Glass - Somewhat Simple

How to Clean the Oven Glass the Easiest Way

i love this - oven door glass cleaning. C baking soda & until runny. spread inside oven glass door & leave on for minutes, wipe off w/damp wash cloth & done

mason jar air freshener--air fresheners using baking soda and essential oils http://smashedpeasandcarrots.com/easy-baking-soda-air-freshener-tutorial/

Do-It-Yourself: Homemade Air Fresheners

Baking Soda Air Freshener Mason Jar - so cheap and easy. Baking soda + a few drops of essential oil in a mason jar, then top it with scrapbook paper that has pin holes in it.

Garbage Disposer Cleaning Tip

Learn how to clean your garbage disposer from the expert plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing as seen on Designing Spaces.

cleaning wood cabinets. 1 part vegetable oil and 2 parts baking soda. Scrub with a toothbrush. Worked well above the oven/stove but not too noticeable on the rest of the cabinets.

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1 part vegetable oil 2 parts baking soda Homemade Kitchen Cabinet Gunk Remover? Vegetable oil and baking soda!

diy forever dryer sheets, 2:1 water to softener ratio

You might want to change up your cleaning routine when you see what these cleaning experts do!

DIY “Forever” Dryer Sheets Liquid Fabric Softener Water Plastic storage bin with lid 6 sponges, cut in half lengthwise

How to clean between the glass on your oven door!!!! AWESOME! Mine looks terrible!!  Didn't know it was even possible--great!

GREAT directions on how to clean between the window panes of your oven door. Who knew this was possible? This is my exact oven-I think it is a design flaw that the glass gets dirty inside so easy-