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As part of the country’s gay pride celebrations, Oreo posted this photo on its Facebook page in their support.

1 of 9 Free Printable Art Prints offered at Mother Letters Mother Letters Sharing the Mess & Glory Hi Mama, I hope these words find you in a moment of Peace. I came across this gorgeous book last week & read through it in one sitting, it's just beautiful.

This is a phenomenal example of a Typography design. I love how the words contour the face of the woman in this image. For some reason i get this soulful spoken word vibe from this image. You can see the strength behind the woman. I think it's powerful!

i learned that you can get this by putting tiny lights or glow in the dark stick and put them in balloons to get the same effect and just tape to the ceiling. I might do this and have a movie at the end but what to play?, Go To to get more Gossip News!