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hes just got this "i swear ill do anything for this girl. ill protect her from anything."

Ground rules. Amazing spiderman 2. Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. Movie scene. Cute funny. Relationships. Marvel.

How to Train Your Dragon 2. Amazing movie!! I think this is one of my favorite movie series. Both were amazing! :D

The first Spiderman movie int the sequence of Spiderman series

Movie Review: "Spider-Man 3" (2007) -- "Spider-Man 3" is what happens when a fat kid goes to a party and has too much to eat. What results in the bathroom later on is a tangled web of a mess.

Spiderman Stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s 4 Month Training Routine

As much as I like the original the sequel really shows how good a super hero movie can be when handled in a serious manner with quality actors like Alfred Molina

I have watched this movie 4 times (so far) and cried just as much each time as the first time I watched it. GREAT movie!!!

Ok, I confess, I went into Spider-Man with an "ugh another franchise reboot” groan. I came away surprised and satisfied. Andrew Garfield successfully filled some big shoes. I think the difference between this and the prior movies is in their foundations. Where the others were rooted in unadulterated action this one is rooted more in heart, soul, and character development. There is still action, and FX, but honestly they are second tier to the human aspect of the characters.

New Spiderman Movie Spinoff

I've heard people challenging the notion that this book is Science Fiction. If it's not, then it deserves it's own genre. It was so good and so different in so many ways.