these eyes are windows

Stunning portrait, old woman, hands, fingers, wisdom, wise, lines of life, cracks in time, wrinckles, aged, weathered, expression, powerful face, intense, strong, portrait, photo b/w.

Eyes the windows to the soul.

He did the strangest thing. Rolled up a joint in cardboard. Never seen that before but I guess if you got no paper you gotta make do. I've had a sheltered life. by LJ., via Flickr

There Eyes Were Watching God - Title and Theme of the story

CHARACTER INSPIRATION: Girl, red hair, green eyes, freckles.

It's all in the eyes. I wouldn't cross this guy for nothin'.

amazing eyes


Rosalinda - By Manny Librodo #Portrait

What eyes!

Those eyes

Eyes of the world

Faces and Souls

The eyes have it. (photographer unknown)

Tibetan Refugee living in India. Picture by Bhanuwat Jittivuthikarn

-in real life, this could be my friend...........

what a beautiful smile

The eyes have it.

those eyes.....