♥ Glitter Pills~ I think happy pills would make people even happier if they looked like these!


Glitter and animal print pills--trying to attract consumers to take REAL pills by making it look "fabulous" www.facebook.com/nodrugsnowar www.twitter.com/nodrugsnowar

Sparkly middle finger. I wish I could send this to someone. Like, an actual mold that would spit glitter EVERYWHERE.

Luciana Rondolini

disco pineapple.

Hei pari jotain tälläistä glitterin heitto kuvaa vois olla kans aika hauskoja. Glitter clapping- New Year's Eve photo http://www.mybigdaycompany.com/new-years-eve.html

I love this quote :D

main, doigts noirs

Sunshine Pills by Vaulotèvre

Body glitter galore! For those who really want to bring in the New Years with a sparkle! #shinebright #sparkle #glitter

Glitter emergency pills. Bad day? Open a pill, throw glitter around. This is what I NEED



Glitter pills


confetti is always a good idea

Emergency Glitter Pills – Add Some Sparkle To Your Day. This looks like you @Jenny On The Spot !

Twinkle toes

Holographic Moon Balloon Set - Urban Outfitters Perfect for a party :0