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  • Helen Zimmel

    Old tattoos on dudes :)

  • Haley Barr

    hahaha this is so Mike. He says this exactly all the time... Words - "What are you going to do about your tattoos when you're older?" .....Dunno mate, probably grow an epic beard & hangout w/other badass tattooed dudes & generally look awesome. What are you going to do when you just look like every other old bastard?

  • Matt Everson

    fact tat #tat #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked

  • David Huffman

    Lol...too funny man.

  • Chris Hall

    LMFAO it's time for a tattoo - sometime this year

  • Jessie Kent

    That'll be me...just not an old dude. I'll be an old dudette! Woot! <3 Tattoos <3

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