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Although not a huge Tebow fan, I can appreciate this.

In the face of criticism, mocking and hatred, Tim Tebow continues to stand for the Christian faith and proclaim his love for Jesus Christ. The article examines the revolutionary faith of the Denver Broncos quarterback.

Tim Tebow. Repping Jesus like we all should.

Tim Tebow showing us how its done. in ALL we do let us give praise to God, whom all praise is due. amen -Is Tim Tebow married? I want Molly to marry him!

Tim Tebow is the perfect example of someone who has learned to use his talents and abilities for Christ.

I could have put this on a number of my boards, notably my wedding one because obviously, you know, I'm going to marry Tim Tebow.

Don't be ashamed to pray. Way to be an unashamed leader Tim Tebow!