Made from Crystal Light containers with magnets

Foam to hold earrings in place

an idea for the leftover mint containers.

Empty Container Crafts

craft storage!!!

best use of over door shoe thing I've ever supplies! We don't have a door in the school room, but we do have a coat closet right outside of the school room....might be perfect!

Message board made with a cookie sheet

Box with drawers

How to Make Borax Crystals in the shape of a heart DIY - kids craft for Valentines

"Buckle Up Key Holder". They're created using discarded belt buckles from car manufacturers. Das kann man doch auch selber machen (Schnallen vom Schrottplatz).

Solutions - Round Tea Box

storage storage storage!

Melt down crayon pieces and pour into glue stick containers to harden. Big crayons that can be twisted up as they are used.

Embroidery Hoops and pillowcases...cute storage idea for playroom (Legos, happy meal toys, etc.)- GENIUS!!!

Cut the flaps from one end of each box. Stack the boxes. Some boxes, such as those from FedEx, have flaps that add thickness to the back of the box. To make your stack level, use scraps of cardboard as shims in between the front edges of the boxes. Seal the boxes together with packing tape. Cover the boxes with the wrapping paper. Line the raw edges at the front with the duct tape.

scrap paper storage- GREAT idea!

Magnets on bottom of bottles, and then they can always be ready to use. craft space genius!

hanging storage bins made from recycled containers

Sewing & Crafting Storage Cube. The best part are the two rods that can hold #yarn or ribbon @TamiPolson

washi tape magnets