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    • Brent

      Interior of Cabaret de l’Enfer (commonly known as Hell's Cafe), where late 19th Century Parisans drank around a caldron, male and female ‘devil musicians’ entertained them, were greeted by a gentleman in a satan suit at the door, and ‘red imps’ served them drinks.

    • Andrea H

      weird 19th century french cafe | ... or cabaret de l enfer hell s café paris france late 19th century

    • S.L. Black

      Interior Le Cafe de L'Enfer -- Hell's Cafe -- which operated in Quartier Pigalle from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century. Visitors were greeted by the doorman with, "Enter and be damned!" Photo by H.C. Ellis

    • sarah stone

      Le Café de LEnfer was a Hell-themed café in Paris red light district (aka Pigalle, the neighborhood of the Moulin Rouge), created in the late 19th century and operating up til sometime around the middle of the 20th.

    • michael murray

      Hell's Cafe, Paris, 19th century. Why aren't all bars like this??

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