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    It's a library card catalog - ah memories

    • Shannon Singleton

      Library card catalogue --- wish I had an old cabinet in my home. Remember WHEN...we had to look up books THIS way? LOL Oh how times have changed!

    • Country Living Magazine

      Take a trip down memory lane with Lesley M.M. Blume's Let's Bring Back ($19.95; Chronicle), an ode to more than 700 delightful items and traditions lost over time. See our favorite revival-worthy entries.

    • Judy Haynes Faust

      library card catalogue ---when we had to actually look up our stuff in a library. Remember when we had to find our books like this in the Library.

    • Mommyof4

      library card catalogue ---almost a relic in today's electronic age-I well remember using this to find books!

    • Stephanie Watson

      library card catalogue ---almost a relic in today's electronic age (I remember having to find books like that. Just

    • Robyn Bee

      Library Card Catalog. I remember having to write a test on how to use one of these, and also how I would add a book to the card catalogue.

    • Sandy English

      library card catalogue ---almost a relic in today's electronic age! I remember using these and some cards would be so used! I guess the most popular books!

    • Kim Beck

      I <3 old school library card catalogues. #reading #library #books #classic

    • Jill Ongley

      The Library Card Catalog - Childhood Memories

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    The blackboards with the cursive writing letters above. Now schools don't even teach cursive!! How do kids learn to "write" thier names???

    library cards.. do they even have these anymore?

    we went through the card catalog to find the books and resources we needed.

    learning cursive writing. Is this even taught anymore?

    looking for a book at the library back in the day...

    I so remember this!

    I remember when . . ..

    Once upon a time, we actually had to search for things the old fashioned way.

    I remember...

    A for Root Beer (Root Beer Floats) Summer fun at A & W in Northampton

    Old Maid Card Game :) Me and Chris played this yesterday... I think you need more than two players... we had too many cards in our hands!!! :D

    Still on the scene: scrunchies.

    "In the Library" print by Tatsuro Kiuchi at

    Solitaire with real cards

    Spent hours making these

    Swim caps - required for swimming in so many public pools. God how I hated these!!

    Library membership cards looked like this


    This is what a stereo system looked like when I was a was a piece of FURNITURE.

    Flash cards were in our desks at school! :O) They weren't in my desk - now I can blame my sucky math skills on that!