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3 kinds of people in this world ...


22 Signs that Demand an Explanation. The signs are there because SOMEONE did each and every one of these things!!

Funny Signs

funny sign please be patient with bartender even a toilet can serve only one asshole at a time | See More about bartenders, funny signs and funny bar signs. See More:

I'm glad that people are so concerned/obsessed with my life that they STALK me on the only social network site I have. #toofunny #worryaboutyourownlife

Lol - yep!

I Need This Sign At Work - The Meta Picture

funny signs 5 - FUNNY SIGNS



This It's Why Is Important To Proofread


The end.

each has their own opinion.....

No Parking ♡ Sign ♡ Funny


Where is this sign when you need it?