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  • Gary Ackerman

    Some Amazing Fact's photo: Elephant Herd Mourns Loss of Calf A baby elephant, Lola, at a German zoo who suffered from heart problems has passed away. Lola would’ve been the world’s first elephant to have heart surgery to remove a blood clot, but died during preparations for the operation.

  • rachel

    A herd of elephants say goodbye to Lola the dead elephant calf at Hellabrunn Zooin Munich, Germany. A baby elephant who tragically died at a German zoo was brought back to her herd so they could say goodbye. Lola, a three month old elephant, died on 21 January during a CT scan ahead of an operation to fix a serious heart defect. Lola’s body was brought back to the herd so that her mother, Panang (22), could say farewell. Afterwards the herd gently nuzzled the lifeless body with their trunks and took their leave of her. Picture: Animal Press / Barcroft Media

  • Louise Baldwin

    If anyone tells you animals don't have emotions, show them this: Elephants Mourn Calf's Death

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