Actor. Born in Chicago, Illinois, he was the oldest of four children of a local meat packer. During World War II, he enlisted into the United States Army Air Force, and was stationed in Hollywood, California to provide Air Force assistance in making many of the patriotic movies during the war. It was there in 1944 that he met former child actress Shirley Temple, whom he married on September 19, 1945 click link for the rest of story

Vernon served as a pilot during World War I for the Royal Flying Corps and later as a training instructor for American pilots. While conducting flight maneuvers at Benbrook Field near Fort Worth, Texas his plane crashed, killing him instantly (February 5th 1918 aged 30)

Stained glass window from the Smith Museum of Stained Glass at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois.

❤ - Terra Cotta ornamentation on the Tree Studios Building on West Ontarios Street in Chicago, Illinois.

Door to the former C.D. Peacock Jewelry store on State Street at Monroe in the City Centre of Chicago, Illinois - US

George S. Bangs is credited with starting"The Fast Mail", his grave is located in Rosehill Cemetery on Chicago's northside.

Burl Ives- Monument and Family Grave Site...Jasper County Illinois was the voice of sam the snowman in 'Rudoplh'

Love for llinois

James Stewart in the Army Air Corps during World War II

Carrie Eliza Getty Tomb. 1890. Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois .Louis Sullivan.

Al Capone's Grave

Chicago, Illinois

Stars Motel, Chicago, IL

State of Illinois Thompson Center | Chicago, IL | Helmut Jahn, CF Murphy

✯ Memorial to the Navajo Code Talkers from World War II - Arizona State Capitol Mall ✯

Weenie charming // By hastingsgraham at flickr // 1956, Chicago, Illinois Miss Universe.

The first Ferris wheel by George Ferris. Build by George Ferris and sometimes known as The Chicago Wheel, it opened to the public on June 21, 1893, at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago

Carbide & Carbon Building (1929), Art Deco skyscraper by Daniel and Hubert Burnham - Chicago, Illinois by lumierefl, via Flickr

Shirley Temple with her dog Buster, 1933.

Chester IL. Birthplace of the creater of "Popeye."

Actor Russell Johnson, best known as "The Professor" on Gilligan's Island, served in the US Army Air Force during WWII. He flew 44 combat missions as a bombardier in B-25 bombers. In March 1945, he and two other B-25s were shot down in the Philippines. He broke both his ankles and the radioman next to him was killed. Johnson earned a Purple Heart, among other honors. He was honorably discharged and later served in the Army Reserve. He used his GI Bill to fund his acting lessons.