Preschool craft I made for pajama day

Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas: Greatest Art Project EVER!

Preschool graduation poem and handprints-I love this simply as a gift to give or something to say before or even after announcing the names of the children

End of the year craft...cute reminder of friends they've made

Weather Preschool: We use this every morning. Kids Love it

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Drink Bottle Flower Stamp Craft

Preschool Poem--End of year

Under the Sea Preschool Craft from @Lauren Davison Davison Davison Davison Davison Davison @ Daisy Cottage Designs. The make this adorable fish craft you will need paint (two shades of blue and green), paint brushes or sponge, paper plate, white card stock, green and yellow tissue paper, beans, fish template, school glue and one googly eye.

P is for Preschool

Preschool Graduation Certificate to Make

The Hardin Family: Preschool Classroom

End of Year Portfolios {with Poem}. This would be a cute thing to put at the back of the portfolio and have the teachers sign their names under it.

end of the year preschool crafts -

Helmet Painting - a favorite from my former classroom. :) #helmet #painting #kids #art #preschool #classroom

Pre-K bootcamp - bootcamp sounds a bit excessive, but there are some good activities and links

Too advanced for my kiddos but I love this idea for preschool!!!

Start of the year poem.

Letter of Week Preschool Craft: Q is for Quilt free printable

Ball top colored pushpins for fine motor activities preschool only at

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Name Rocket Space Craft