i want to put this in my daughter's room.

You are my sunshine. Would be cute stick ons in baby girls room

for my daughter

True love!

I always sing this to my babies

Smile everyday :)

Laugh. Giggle. Be Silly. Love one another. Say "please and thank you" SHARE. Play Nice. Be Grateful. Always Tell The Truth. Keep Calm Carry On. Use Kind Words. Keep your promises. SMILE. Try Your Best. Reach For the Stars. be proud of everything you do. DREAM BIG!

: )

reminder for my girls.

love this for my girls' room...

The 30 Day Challenge on Thoughts - Day 12!

Keeping for my girls when they're older!

Wake up with a smile :) and go after life.

Love my sisters!!!

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the imagination, and life to everything." - music quote by Plato


it's not all the big things. it's the little things. which add up to make a motherhood. and those little things are enough.

That's my girl.