i want to put this in my daughter's room.

You are my sunshine

This is the song I'm dancing to at my sons wedding someday... . One of my absolute favorite songs...love rascal flatts :)

I always sing this to my babies

Wake up with a smile :) and go after life.

for my daughter

Laugh & Giggle and Be Silly Love one another Say Please & Thank you Share, Play nice, Be Grateful, always tell the truth, Keep Calm and Carry On, Use Kind Words, Smile, Keep your Promises, Try your Best, Reach for the Stars, Be Proud of Everything You Do, Dream Big.

The 30 Day Challenge on Thoughts - Day 12!

True love!

Smile everyday :)

Marilyn Monroe Quotes. Ha so true and I found out the hard way.

Nursery wall...

for a kid's room


Oh Max... I'll tell my girls.

Be that girl


So true!!

ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!! You are braver, stronger, smarter and twice as beautiful than you think.

Little things