Classical Conversations Read Aloud Book List for Cycle 1. Created by K. Wiltshire.


seriously?!? create your own jeopardy...and it's FREE!!!!

Tattling....great ideas!

CC Memory Video (Math) (W13-W24)

iPads in the Classroom: App Recommendations Galore! Good, extensive list...not just this fluency app.

Toss and Answer Muffin Tins: Just put some words in a muffin tin and have the child toss a ball or bean bag into the tray, and then read that word. Could be great for artic! Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.

Fun way to review CC Timeline material! living out His love: Classical Conversations {Timeline Hedbanz}

Classical Conversations - Cycle 1 - Week 1 - Geography - Fertile Crescent

links to the printables for first 12 weeks of cc

American History Book for cycle 3

Classical Conversations, Cycle 1, Book List: Part 2

Great picture book list for kids.

Great list of books about reading for kids.

Story of the World 1 Book list.

Great list of Fall books for children

Great list of fall and Thanksgiving books for kids.

Great list of multicultural books for kids.

My CC Cycle 1 Booklist

Looking for a list of great books for your Kindergartner to read? Here is a FREE Printable list of books for Kindergarten kids to read themselves from 123 H

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Orchestra Lap Book