Classical Conversations Read Aloud Book List for Cycle 1. Created by K. Wiltshire.

Tattling....great ideas!

seriously?!? create your own jeopardy...and it's FREE!!!!


CC Reading List

Classical Conversations at Home

Toss and Answer Muffin Tins: Just put some words in a muffin tin and have the child toss a ball or bean bag into the tray, and then read that word. Could be great for artic! Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.

Classical Christian Education Support Loop: 1000 Good Books List

CC Cycle 1 AND FIAR....i finally found this lady again! such a good resource.

water cycle video

I have enjoyed using Five in a Row and Homeschool Share's unit studies so I have compiled a list of possible literature titles that are loosely matched up with a History, Geography or Science fact for Classical Conversations Cycle 1.

Classical Reading List: Grades 1-8

An amazing site with math reading booklists to coordinate to CC cycles. TEACHING MATH CLASSICALLY!

a list of favorite family read-alouds.

Book List for CC Cycle 3 | Classical Conversations At Home

Rock Cycle

Memory Work Lapbooks for Classical Conversations Cycle 1

great reading list for classically trained children

I LOVE THIS IDEA! duct tape and folders to create this - don't need to buy another pocket chart!

The Berenstain Bears Go To School - All 7 Habits...This would also be great for 1st day of school.

Book list for exploring great artists with kids