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I  had a crush on him when he was a 'SWEAT HOG' on the sit com from the 70's Welcome Back Cotter..(I was 8) and although I am long over my crush, he has been worth watching all these years.

Who is John Travolta. Is John Joseph Travolta celebrity. who Is Star John Travolta and who is real celebrity, find out at Star No Star.

Matt demon haha  I love him he is awesome

Matt Damon had a lot to smile about in the year he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was crowned sexiest man alive. Matt was a part of

Love...I have an unexplainable crush on this man.

Ed Harris phenomenonal actor that is handsome and manly, but he does not get his credit in Hollywood. It's a shame Hollywood is so shallow in respects of leading men and women.

John Travolta<3 mhmmm.. I only had the biggest "movie star crush" on this boy when he was this age(:

I would have link have his hair greased back like john Travolta because in the musical that one hair that was hanging in his face bothered me, so i would have all his hair greased back but have the front a little messier.