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.baby piggy

Moose cow with her calf



beautiful-wildlife: Lynx with cub by Friedhelm Peters

Mother knows best: Touching snaps show a whole host of patient parents bonding with their boisterous babies in the animal kingdom | Mail Online

When interacting with her cubs, cheetah mothers purr, just like domestic cats.

Mizobuchji Miho


How many other animals make eye contact with their young?

I just love monkeys, what can I do?

I Love my mommy & she loves me so much!!!

Lioness and Cub

tiger & cub


Nap with triplets you've got to be kidding!

lynx love!

Mothers have that power to keep you safe no matter the situation

Mother and baby camel..

Moose mother ~ sweet :)

Charles Courtney Curran

Great Horned Owls

No Words Needed...

#wild #animals - 'Mamas Everywhere'