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I've always said it's hard to have a battle of the wits with an unarmed person..... it's actually not fair!!

Wait, don't eat yet! Let me take a picture of it at an artsy angle, add Instagram effects, and upload it to Facebook!

Facebook is not a clothesline. Be a Dear and air your dirty laundry elsewhere.

Adam Gordon, thanks for helping me

Dear neighbor please make a note of this.... 1. Please tell your kids to pick up their toys so I don't stop every time I come home to pick them up. 2. Please let your children know that it is rude to... Look in other peoples windows, put their hands on other peoples cars, and ding dong ditch. Thanks

There is a land called Douche Bagastan, and you are their king. | Thinking Of You Ecard |

I take comfort in knowing that people younger than me look older than me.

don't we all know people like this? lol needy folks settling on anybody who comes their way.

A Very Polite Way To Curse Someone

Remember when I asked for your opinion? Yeah, neither do I... funny ecard

"If you were in my novel, I'd have killed you off by now." #quotes