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Aang, Katara & their kids

I like all of Aang and Katara's kids.

eskatoad: "That is one good looking family, huh?""That’s one happy family." what is this family doing to me oh my GOSH

avatar aang

Aang and Katara and their babies =]


Aang and Katara. wow this is really beautiful.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Photo: Aang and Katara's family portrait

Oh my gosh.. She is totally katara's daughter :')



Legend of Korra/ Avatar the last Airbender: Some things run in the family I guess


Zuko, Mai, and Honora

Aang on Appa


Katara and Aang

Aang's the best.

aang and sokka

Artist says, "So I have this dream that Sokka has two sons and Lin is like bff’s with them and they go and trick the other kids just like their parents did because everyone else is too much of a wimp to hang with Lin but these two are chill because it’s freaking Sokka's CHILDREN."

Aang and Katara