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    12 Amazing Natural Beauty Remedies beauty fruits recipe idea diet natural remedy remedies natural remedies home remedy home remedy images

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    12 natural beauty remedies #diy #natural beauty tips

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    12 Amazing Natural Beauty Remedies, Posted December 13, 2012 by PositiveMed Team Here are some amazing natural remedies for different hair and skin conditions. We have full articles on some of these conditions that if you click on them, you’d be directed to them: Cellulite be gone solution Reduce fine lines Reduce puffy eyes The wrinkle remedy Lighten your smile Garnish dark eye circles Heal acne and reduce scars Skin clarifying exfoliant Treat dry skin Shrink large pores Redu

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detox water - helps you maintain a flat belly, 2 lemons, 1/2 cucumber, 10-12 mint leaves, and 3qts water fuse overnight to create a natural detox, helping to flush impurities out of your system.

For camping or late nights at the beach? Leave 1/4 of Mountain dew in bottle, add a tiny bit of baking soda and 3 caps of peroxide. Put the lid on and shake - homemade glow stick! So cool!

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