Hi i'm froggie... i c u!♥ aren't i cute?

Gliding Leaf Frog

Baby Amazon Milk Frogs on Tulip Pinning this one for my sister Alison

Gliding Leaf Frog Agalychnis Spurrelli Photograph by Pete Oxford - Gliding Leaf Frog Agalychnis Spurrelli Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

~~~big ups~~~

Frogs are rad.

pacific tree frog

Love frogs!


Red-eyed Tree Frog is an arboreal hylid native to Neotropical rainforests in Central America.

I like frogs Frogs Frogs

Tiniest Vertebrate


What big eyes you have...

Three Reinwardt's flying frogs

Splash-backed frog...pretty little guy, but poisonous.

Peek a boo!

Frog Garden Sculptures