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Screw Weight Loss - I want to be able to benchpress a bear!


Screw weight loss I just want to be strong!

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how I feel about working out, literally in every way this is me all the way down to the gangster rap crunches

"I just beat my PR for #deadlift." Amazing feeling!

omg this is perfect because i literally pr today for deadlift

What's worse? Mondays or the day after leg day?

Put them both together and it is the worst day EVER!

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@Rebecca Dezuanni Reida this reminds me of the story i was telling you about when i was playing at the pierces and fell pahaha

T-Rex hates rings. lol so lame, but.

Why so many bruises, are you being abused by your husband? No. I Cross fit.

Free and Funny Sports Ecard: Trust me, as you get to know me, my CrossFit obsession just gets more annoying.

Omg I can really relate to this right now.

Funny Sports Ecard: Trust me, you'll never know how big of a hassle it is getting dressed until you're sore from a CrossFit workout. Ouch - hurting from yesterday's pull-ups For all my Crossfit friends.

#Crossfit humor -- Always read the WOD carefully

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Everytime you eat bread Ryan is sad.I don't wanna make Ryan sad.no more bread for me!

Carb Backloading Meal Ideas

so True!That would certainly put things in perspective. I wish menus would list burpee equivalents rather than calories. For example, if you had pumpkin spiced latte, you might as well get down and do 367 burpees. LOL damn it dessert!

This was me when I did Punch Gym last year so it's safe to assume it'll happen again now that I've started CroffFit.  Oh well!

Crossfit, hilarious and so true!

Every time *sigh*

This is me just about every WOD. Huge understatement I’m as useful as dory with direction trying to keep count of my sets and reps 😂😂🔱🤦🏽‍♀️.

Napoleon dynamite

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Kettlebells and bacon are good medicine.

bacon and kettlebells