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    A Thank You From Steve and Craig #ThePretender #ThePretenderLives

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    A gorgeous fall photo reminds me of all I have to be grateful for

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    80 Reasons to Be Thankful

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    Brierley+Partners would like to wish all of our employees, clients, friends and families a safe and happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for each and every one of you!

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The Blue Letter Bible

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As you welcome others into your home this holiday season are you offering hospitality or making a statement? God's word has some clear instructions about this for us and we're diving in today to as we remember how to keep Christ the center of Christmas...

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Theology and the Mexican Mom: Be Thankful for Affliction

Fifth Commandment, Honoring parents

There's a world of difference between worldly happiness and joy in the Lord.

Ryle Links | The J.C. Ryle Archive

Think of the trouble God went to to bring Rahab into His family. Keep praying for your family and friends who don't know Jesus!

It's true that the phrase "Judge Not" is in the Bible. But it's part of a passage that tells us when and how to judge. We need to read the entire passage and quit misusing it.


truth! So many things have happened in my life and I just smile and think, "I know you had something to do with this, God!"

C. H. Spurgeon Quote

Living in a Garage {How one large family inspired me to live more simply} |

Is Halloween For Christians?

C.S. Lewis

Martha Kilpatrick | Shulamite Ministries

Do not neglect reading God's Word. He has given & preserved it! By creation, I know that He exists, but His Word tells me way more than nature can communicate. Neglect other books but not that one.

never too early to mentor

We use the word love so easily...I love my husband and my new curtains, I love my grandchildren and caramel lattes. ~~~ Love can mean "I'd die for you," or "I'd pay $5 for it at Starbucks." That's because we typically use the word love to describe a feeling.~~But is it a feeling?

41 Evidences of Pride

What Are the Essentials of the Christian Faith? – Kevin DeYoung ( I like how this didn't include the belief in the doctrine of the Trinity.. so many people believe that if you don't believe in it your not saved. )

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