• Claire McArdle

    I wish I had a green thumb.

  • Nan Edwards

    curly succulent.... Moraea Tortilis - common name spiral grass. Irdaceae family - Author: Peter Goldblatt 1977 Family: Iridaceae Habitat: Namaqualand, Southern Africa Soil: Mix Water: Medium Sun: Maximum Thickness: 2,5 centimetres Height: 10 centimetres Flower: White to Blue and Yellow Reproduction: Seeds

  • Teresa Moses

    Curly succulent plants.... Moraea Tortilis - common name spiral grass. Awesome! ;)

  • Tracy Albersmeyer Houser

    curly succulent.... Moraea Tortilis - common name spiral grass. Uff !!!! Esta suculenta es de lo más especial que conozco.

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