Dr. Sheldon Cooper

Hahahahaha....This is so beautiful I think I might DIE!

Dr. Sheldon Cooper has said it right!

Sheldon Cooper’s words of wisdom

no matter how many times you watch that movie it never gets boring and has you in stitches each time!!! =)

For the love of Sheldon

love sheldon!

Big Bang Theory

Im Not A Nerd Girl But I Do Love Me Some Big Bang Theory And Especially Some Sheldon Cooper :)

The Big Bang Theory casts does a quick "Call Me Maybe" flash mob, followed by Sheldon, of course, saying "Bazinga."


Sheldon Cooper

Hahahaha Sheldon!

Sheldon has the right idea

big bang! #sheldon.... To Funny!

Oh, Sheldon.. :]

oh Sheldon... :):)

I mean, yeah. | Community Post: 56 Quirks Of Sheldon From "The Big Bang Theory" That Make Him One-Of-A-Kind

Sheldon being Sheldon

Big Booty Bitches. See @Mica Chimera Chimera Molinari Ghimenti - he loves me most!

Sheldon Cooper.