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Australia Run by Toby Burrows

غالبًا في حياتك شخص يملك في روحك مفاتيح لا يعرفُ أبوابها سواه.. شخص مهما زاد العتاب والجفاء بينكما، يعود إلى صدارته في قلبك كما كان.

I'm beautifully broken, perfectly imperfect, beautiful in my flaws. All together I am a beautiful disaster...

In the rain


By Tobi, Good (Rainy) Morning Arkansas

The law of attraction which rests in vibrational frequency is irresistible because as a natural law, it is unchangeable and acts with mathematical exactitude. There is no deviation or variation. --Charles Haanel

Raindrops. I love rainy weather. not all the time of course. But sometimes there's nothing more relaxing than a good book and the sound of raindrops against the window.

The chilren running through the halls to escape on their first day of training

Summer rain

writing prompt

She would never forget that cold, rainy day. The first day that she felt free. The day she finally escaped the system. ~ Secrets




glistening wet


Simple days