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Protect American Wolves at The Rainforest Site. Help keep endangered wolves alive! Give a green gift!

Throughout Asia, elephants need your help. Most Asian elephants are captive, as their natural habitats have been logged and otherwise destroyed. These highly social, sensitive creatures spend their days chained and forced to work in the logging, tre

Help Save The Maned Wolf From Extinction at The Rainforest Site. Help preserve vital maned wolf habitat for just $15 an acre! double click on the wolf to go to the main site.

Protect the Atlantic Rainforest & Yellow-breasted Capuchin at The Rainforest Site

Protect Las Tángaras Cloud Forest-the Rainforest Site/Greater

Protect a Sumatran Tiger for Earth Day $3.41 protects one acre of Rainforest! at The Rainforest Site

Giraffe - Mama and Little one. via the Rainforest facebook page.

Help Save Snow EnDangered Leopards at The Rainforest Site~ When snow leopard territory is encroached on by herding communities, wild species that snow leopards prey on are driven out to make room for livestock. Snow leopards often turn to hunting the livestock to survive. Herders, whose families also depend on livestock, protect their herds by hunting and killing snow leopards.

Plant Trees to Save Orangutan Habitat at The Rainforest Site $28.00 will plant over 50 seedlings of trees that they orangutans eat from

PLEASE HELP Save Monarch Butterfly Habitat at The Rainforest Site - You can help by funding the planting of tree seedlings in the butterflies' overwintering area in Michoacán, Mexico. As the trees grow, they serve as a climatic buffer that protects butterflies from harsh weather. And when sustainably harvested, the trees provide a renewable source of income for local residents. Choose to plant 50 Trees ($25.00) or 100 Trees ($50.00).

Help save critically endangered cotton-top tamarin habitat that will otherwise be sold to destructive cattle ranching interests. Protect the Endangered Cotton-Top Tamarin at The Rainforest Site