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Dig this; life doesn't necessarily work the way you think or believe it should, it works the way it works, the degree to which you're aware of how it works, is the measure of your potential functionality.

the WHITE LION... the rarest of ALL!! Known as the MOST SACRED ANIMAL in the African continent!..Yet hunted notoriously by poachers for the pleasure of money! Not only that!.. but NO laws protect them from being wiped off the face of the earth! please Help protect these beautiful animals! Or they will disappear forever!

Remarkable new monkey discovered in remote Congo rainforest: the Lesula

Shirley and Jenny: Two Elephants Reunited After More Than 20 Years

Costa Rica refused to let a mining company destroy its rainforest to build an open-pit gold mine — so Infinito Gold is suing the country for $1 billion. Costa Rica's rainforest is one of the most beautiful in the world, home to endangered animals like jaguars and green macaws. Locals had no intention of letting toxins like cyanide destroy that land or leach into their lakes and rivers — if we don't stand with them, more countries will end up bullied and bankrupted by these corporate behemot...

American hunters are emerging as a strong and growing threat to the survival of African lions, with demand for trophy rugs and necklaces driving the animals towards extinction

Happy, sleepy lion


What to do if your dog is choking This site has vital info. on the Heimlich AND Canine CPR..very very important Information for me and my family as much as we love our dog "Moose".

Pygmy marmoset by Michael Turco

Bat ...


young gorilla

Glass Frog: A living transparent amphibian native to the rainforest. Check our website - we get these in stock every so often!

Polar Bear - literally hanging on for survival. Hoping they will make it.

Tiger Quoll is the only Australian mammal with a spotted tail

Kinkajou...rainforest mammal of the family Procyonidae related to olingos, coatis, raccoons, and the ringtail and cacomistle. It is the only member of the genus Potos and is also known as the "honey bear."

HELP SECURE THE ENDANGERED SNOW LEOPARD'S HABITAT NOW! Please join thousands of wildlife supporters from all over the world in encouraging the experts and officials who will gather in Kyrgyzstan to move swiftly and achieve tangible progress for the snow leopard now! PLZ Sign Share!