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* * This photo of a tiger cub has more impact than the other that was posted where the mother's legs and paws were shaved in an effort to have the cub seen better. All that did was create an unnatural aura to the pix.

A black rhino and her calf. (Photo by Art Wolfe.) Do you know the difference between a black rhino and a white rhino? No it is not the color! Black rhinos are browsers so they have a upper lip that is pointed or hooked to enable them to pull brush into their mouth. They rely on their molars to grind the plant material for nutrition. Their greatest threat is man . . . poachers hunt them for their horn.

URGENT! HELP STOP THE SLAUGHTER OF BOBCATS IN CALIFORNIA! Assembly Bill 1213, known as the Bobcat Protection Act of 2013, would limit commercial trapping of bobcats in California. It includes an immediate prohibition of bobcat trapping around Joshua Tree National Park and directs the California Fish and Game Commission to institute further protections. PLZ Sign & Share!