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    Zebra Tree Frog...

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    45+ Amazing Animal Photo Manipulation

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    El olivo en flor: Amazing Photoshop Genetics. Jan Oliehoek, Dutch digital artist, from Leiden, Netherlands. Zebrafrog, 2008. Photo manipulation; photoshop; commercial art; illustration.

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    Jan Oliehoek - Photo Manipulations | Zebra Frog

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Jan Oliehoek is a photo manipulator based in The Netherlands who has a talent for combining and manipulating photos in a fun and creative way.

These are incredible Photoshop animal mash-ups. Some are a little disturbing.

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Beautiful Baby Zebra - adorable just doesn't seem to cover it.:-)

Zebra Guitarist extraordinaire Randy Jackson, Bassist Felix Hanemann & Guy Gelso... A long career as an amazing live band, with a short list of recordings, all of which got better each time they were played. If only the record labels had given them what they deserved, their library would be much bigger. I've met them all; they're fabulous guys & incredibly talented.

tiger washes wahsed stripes clothes hanging on clothes line to dry, Photo Manipulation – Tiger Undressed

Sweetly Surreal Photo Manipulations by Ceslovas Cesnakevicius. I want to ride a paper boat.

The Remarkable Photo Manipulations of Jan Oliehoek | Psdtuts+