braid in braid

Do a normal braid, then hold onto the middle strand and push the 2 sides up the braid... This is super cute.

Braided Hairstyle How To: Sweet Simple Braid in Braid


Braided Bun Sock

cool hair


Braids braids braids

Braided Hair Bun. Part hair 3 times. Braid down the center section, then french braid the middle sides. Curl all braids around each other. Sweet and simple

Easy Pull-Through Braid Hairstyle -->

four strand braid

40 Quick Hairstyle Tutorials For Office Women

Basket Braid. Great idea to get bangs out of the face, especially while letting them grow out.

Need to try this on my girls.

Pretty but so hard to do ?

Get really quick waves from braids. The thicker the braid the looser the wave. I'm so doing this!!

French braid your hair into 5 different sections for a fun and unique poolside look. // #Hair #Tips

For a super polished look, try working more than the typical three braiding strands together into one sleek, tight, and gorgeous braid. A five-strand braid makes for a much more complex look.

flower braid WOW