My parents accused me of lying today. I looked at them and said 'tooth fairy, easter bunny, santa claus' and walked away like a boss.

That's not how logic works. You just said: X is not in A. X is in B. Therefore, if X were in A, A would not go to B. This is not a valid syllogistic form. For example, here is an argument of the same structure: Guns are not allowed in school. Guns are encouraged in the army. If guns were allowed in school, students wouldn't end up in the army. See, that doesn't work!

Funny Reminders Ecard: Whoever said money can't buy happiness has clearly never been to Target.

'Why can't we be friends?', Well, because you're three gallons of crazy in a two gallon bucket and I don't have time for a mess like you.

funny but true!!! this happened to me this weekend! my real closet just doesn't compare to my pinterest closet.

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