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500 333

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bird illustration photography black and white

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illustration. Would be awesome and humorous if it was actually put on a box of uncooked spaghetti noodles

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How to make a comic in 3D (work in progress) by Coming Soon , via Behance

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Art activity- simple pencil drawing and they have to take a photograph of it with their hand interacting in some way.

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drawing idea, with a corrupt, damaged, war-ridden city behind it. "Behind the lense" Could also do with camera and Photoshop instead of glasses

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Illustration and paint on photos. So rad.

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This would be awesome as a creativity project!

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Love this hand...

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Octopus by Keith Noordzy - Carefully selected by GORGONIA -

Fubiz Mediafrom Fubiz Media

Drawings on Photographs by Alana Dee Haynes

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Society6from Society6

Pickles Print Art Print by Brooke Weeber

Weeber Illustration

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Surf Royale on Behance

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Girl Pencil


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Visages by Marie Mainguy, via Behance

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Learn How to Draw Hands with Drawing Lesson

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New Animals Drawn with Moiré Patterns by Andrea Minini

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Students complete a simple drawing and take a well composed photograph of that drawing interacting with something from the human world.