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    • Vit K

      Tales That Inspire: Same Entity But Different Forms Once, Narad Ji was coming to Dwarika to see Shri Krishna. The sun had set by that time. But suddenly some devotees saw a bright sun like light from a distance.

    • Violet Vibrations

      I am neither created nor uncreated, for I have always been here. I am neither deluded nor undeluded, for I have always been here. I am neither of light nor of darkness, for I have always been here. I am the Bliss, I am the Truth, I am the Boundless Sky. How can I speak of having desires or not having desires? How can I speak about attachment or non-attachment? How can I speak about God as being real or unreal? I am the Bliss, I am the Truth, I am the Boundless Sky. That One is everything- How can I say it is one? How can I say it is more than one? How can I say it is eternal or non eternal? I am the Bliss, I am the Truth, I am the Boundless Sky. It is neither solid nor subtle. Neither appearing nor disappearing. It is without beginning, middle, or end. It is neither above nor below. This is the secret of the Ultimate Truth. I am the Bliss, I am the Truth, I am the Boundless Sky. All your senses are like clouds; All they show is an endless mirage. The Radiant One is neither bound nor free. I am the Bliss, I am the Truth, I am the Boundless Sky. Dear one, I am not unknowable nor hidden. I am not imperceivable nor lost. I am not near nor far. I am the Bliss, I am the Truth, I am the Boundless Sky. […] I have no actions that bring regret or misery. I have no thoughts that bring pain or suffering. I have no sense of "me" or "mine." I am the Bliss, I am the Truth, I am the Boundless Sky. Avadhuta Gita

    • Amaya Victoria

      We are now in the time on this planet where we are going to the next reality. If you are not doing serious work on yourself, you will miss the boat. My friends, the train is leaving the station. You may be very afraid to go within and find the unresolved business, for this business left inside has the business of you feeling much of it. Without getting preachy I say, NOW my friends, the time is NOW. There will not be any more time for excuses. Come up to bat or miss the play.

    • Dominic Jai

      The rider- the mind of innate awareness- Is mounted on the horse of mindfulness. Propelled by the wings of the unimpeded wind, It moves through the path of the bodhicitta central-channel and Arrives at the secret door of bliss at the crown. The king of innate awareness nakedly arises. Concepts-the veil of the intellect-are removed. The self-arising primordial wisdom sees its own face. Ignorance-the darkness of delusion-is lifted.x Dominic Jai #yoga #meditation #Buddhism #Christianity #pranayama

    • Eileen Akers

      Sunshine - sun rays

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