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Sif | By Adi Granov for _Thor : Son of Asgard_

Sif from Thor. You can't really see much of her costumes in these pictures but I liked the pics.

Thor… Thor Everywhere.

Kailey's face when she gets pissed at Lord Bryce for Threatening her and her loved ones

Sif as she is currently imagined.

Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) I can't get enough of her outfit. <--- it's so refreshing to see super heroines like this, clothed and armoured! And she's still sexy!

Jaimie Alexander- she made Sif so cool!! in the comics Sif is just a hot babe, but in the films she is a badass warrior and really cool person! Awesome job, Jaimie!!

Teenage Thor and Lady Sif. A relationship that isn't as well developed in the movies. Lady Sif and Thor have been good friends since they were kids.

Thor and Loki as kids. // 2 things: 1st, notice Sif studying in the back! And 2nd, Thor running: "beautiful" :-D