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  • kiti katti

    Kabuki - Heron Maiden, 1920's. This is an Onnagata (male performer) as the Heron Maiden. The Heron Maiden is a narrative dance performed originally in the classical Noh Theatre. It was adapted for Kabuki in 1760. "In the darkness of night a white heron perches on a frozen lake. She is the haunting spirit of a girl who died of a broken heart, her soul too restless to ascend to heaven. Memories of love, passion, jealousy and the torment of hell are conjured by the dancer."



  • Ivett Montalván

    Heron Maiden, 1920s, Kabuki theatre. This is an Onnagata (male performer) as the Heron Maiden (Sagi musume). The Heron Maiden is a narrative dance performed originally in the classical Noh theater. It was adapted for kabuki in 1760.

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Kabuki - Firefly Dance, 1900. It’s difficult to tell whether this is a boy or a geiko (geisha) dressed to dance the role of a man from the Genroku period (1688-1703), who has been out catching fireflies.

Japanese Lion Dance, Shishi-mai 獅子舞: The dance is commonly performed during the New Year where the lion dancers may be accompanied by flute and drum musicians.

The maiko (apprentice geisha) Katsuyuki performing a dance at Heian Shrine, Kyoto, Japan.

[Performer in Bugaku-style Costume] Unknown Artist, Japanese Date: 1880s Medium: Albumen silver print Classification: Photographs. his photograph of a woman in a bugaku-style costume was probably produced for the tourist trade. Bugaku, a traditional form of Japanese court theater that dates back to the first millenium, was performed only by men. The photographer's use of a female model suggests that he was concerned more with effect than with authenticity.

A Geisha from the Shinbashi geisha district in Tokyo, dressed to dance a male role in a Genroku odori, ca. 1905.

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Traditional Japanese dance! Study Abroad | #GlobalGators! Visit the #UFIC website for more information:

Odori 1928 - A group of Maiko Girls (Apprentice Geisha) dressed for the Miyako Odori (Cherry Dance), sometime around 1928. Maiko Fukiko in the centre and Maiko Tomeko to her lower right. Japan