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Charm School

Charm Finishing School

Southern Charm

Southern Style

Southern Elegance

Southern Heritage

Southern Roots

Things Southern

Charm Grace

1960s, Wendy Ward charm school

No Smoking

Women Smoking

Big Hair

Coffee Cups

The Coffee

Flight Attendants

Vintage Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant Humor

Attendant Style

60s stewardesses having a smoke during a flight.

Etiquette Manners

School Etiquette

Lady Etiquette

Etiquette Lessons

Ladylike Loveliness

Teaching Manners

Wendy Ward

Sparkle Pink

Manners Matter

Wendy Ward Charm School Book

Cathy Loved

Loved Mine

Mine Ate

Cathy Yep

Cathy 1960

School Retro Nostalgia

Favorite Dolls

Cathy Dolls

Chatty Cathy Doll

Chatty Cathy


Please Read This Story, Thank You

Learning Etiquette

Etiquette School

Manners Etiquette Behavior

Etiquette Pins

School Learned

Charm School Lessons

Gentlemen Bow

Bow Ladies

Cutesy Curtsy


Eyeshadow Shades

Bright Eyeshadow

Wear Eyeshadow

Maxi Colors

Apply Makeup

80'S Makeup

Factor Maxi

Lavender Color


Maxi Colors-to-Go eyeshadow from the 80's. I knew the lyrics to the commercial! I had several shades.

1960 S Jukebox

Jukebox Days

Ipod Jukebox

Jukebox Baby

Jukebox Music

Jukebox Seeburg

Jukebox Fever

Jukebox Hero

Melons Jukeboxes

Teenagers around the jukebox.

Vintage Foto'S

Vintage London

Vintage People

Vintage Images

Students London

School Students

Photographs Beauty

Vintage Photographs

Posture Class

Finishing School Students, London, c.1936 Photo by William Vanderson

Kathryn Leigh

Leigh Scott

L'Wren Scott

Barnabas Josette

Dark Shadows Haunt

Dark Shadows Tv Show

Shadows Fan

Tv Favorite

Favorite Things

Dark Shadows, Maggie Evans got her man - finally (or for a second time).

Erasers Remember

Typewriter Erasers

Manual Typewriter

Typewriter Green

Typewriter Paper

Typewriter Typewriter

Vintage Van

Vintage Things

Vintage Items

Remember typewriter erasers?

Vintage Dahling

Vintage Glamour

Vintage Charm

Charmschooletiquette Tips

Ward Charm

Charm Etiquette

School Course

Charm Grace

Wendy Ward

Wendy Ward Charm School.

California Childhood

Southern California

Years 60S

Teen Years

Charm Etiquette

Wendy Ward

Charm Grace

School Shop

Charm School

Wendy Ward Charm School

Pants Dresses

Plaid Dresses

Wear Dresses

Wear Pants

Cute Dresses

School Dresses

School Clothes

Baby Clothes

Elem School

Wore dresses like this.

Years 60S

Teen Years

Charmschooletiquette Tips

Ward Charm

Wendy Ward

60S Early

School Retro

Charm School

School Book

Wendy Ward Charm School Book. ca 1972. Yes I am a graduate.

School 1960S

School 101

School Montgomery

Ward Department

Department Stores

School Course

Ward Charm

School Perfect

Wendy Ward

Yeah, I went through this course at the Wendy Ward Charm School, offered through Montgomery Ward Department Stores.

Store Montgomery

Montgomery Monkey

Remember Montgomery

Wards Department

Vintage Department Stores

Sign Advert

Advert Cards

Ward Dept

Store Aka

Montgomery Wards

Knitted Scarf

Mom Knitted

Stitch Headband

Headband Ear

Grandmother Knitted

Aunt Nan

Knitting Project

Ear Warmer

Vintage Hats

wore these! Me too!

Wore Dresses

Cute Dresses

Dresses 1960

Fashion Dresses

Dresses Beautiful

70S Kids Fashion

Young Fashion

1960S Dress

1960'S Fashion

montgomery ward 1960, school dresses 3 for $10

Sixties Style 1960S

Age 1960S

1960S Fashions

1960S Mens

1970S Vintage

Vintage Life


1960S Fashion Women Dresses

Dresses 1960 S

1966 Spiegel catalog women's dresses

Etsyfrom Etsy

vintage toddler girl sun romper size 3T. 4T

Remember Wearing

Loved Wearing

Sister Wearing

Sun Suits

Bubble Suits

Sweet Memories

Vintage Memories

Beautiful Memories

Memories Light

Romper...came in all sorts of prints and colors...for playing outside on hot days. I remember wearing one when I was about 4.

Continental Charm

Proper Posture

Good Posture

Perfect Posture

Little Girls

Little Miss

Little Rock

Charm School

Charm Class

Charm School