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14,500 - 17,500 people are trafficked into the US each year.

Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking

The frightening reality of human trafficking as faced by children in the US- and keep in mind that this is in a western, "civilised" nation!!! My heartbreaks.

Hunger- the #1 cause of death worldwide, from The FEED Foundation.

Human trafficking is a bigger international business than the drug trade, and it shows no signs of slowing. Women and children are NOT goods. Stop the inequality and inhumanity.

Be the change. Become educated and recognize signs of human trafficking-modern-day slavery. It can (and does) happen everywhere.


14 Most Likeable Personality Traits

This great infographic lists the 14 keys to be liked by everyone you meet. Skill, effort, presentation and likeability mold perception - I feel like an extremely likable person and it can be more annoying than you think but also very rewarding in various ways

Mashablefrom Mashable

What if Our Magazines Showed Modern Slavery?

Catapult's latest campaign is making sure that International Women's Day is "more than just a cover story."

interesting blog concerning the scandal surrounding the Secret Service sex trafficking fiasco. Only thing is she states "apparently, their (the secret service members) character is not so solid." They're human too, and to err is to be human, right? Especially from a Christian perspective (which is why she writes a blog to begin with). But anyway... good blog otherwise. :)

Jimmy Carter: "The abuse of women and girls is the most pervasive and unaddressed human rights violation on earth." Read his blog on violence against women:

Atlanta is the #1 city for human trafficking in the U.S. These are the Facts on child sex trafficking. This is a huge problem in our country and it does not get the attention that it so desperately needs. . INFOWARS.COM BECAUSE THERE'S A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND

We may have different religions, different languages, different coloured skin ... But we all belong to ONE HUMAN RACE.

We blame society, but we are society. At long last, we've found a concise expression of the structure/agency dilemma in sociology.

Read Sen. Bernie Sanders report that tells the tale of the greedy and corrupt 1%, of their bonuses, lobbying, political contributions, environmental destruction, military contracts and protecting their piles of cash. The only people that suffer for it is the 99%!

Regardless of our religion, race, color and beliefs let’s not forget the people of Palestine. Let’s include them in our prayers. This is about humanity, this about us being human who have a heart that cares, mind that thinks and soul that cries for every single innocent children being killed without mercy, for every woman being raped, for every elderly being killed helplessly, for the boys being tortured to death.