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  • Steph B.

    Trafficking Infographic #USA #Human Trafficking #Justice #Issue #Rights

  • Briana Ramos

    Immigrant rights are human rights. #ANP436

  • Issy B

    An infographic on human trafficking in the US.

  • Bailey M.

    Human Trafficking at the US Southwest Border | Amnesty International USA. It's frightening how little people understand about immigration and vote anyway

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14,500+ persons trafficked into the US each year Service (Jupiter in Taurus in the 6th house of service & health)

Between 14,500 and 17,500 people are trafficked into the US annually. That's 48 a day. Be in it to END IT with END IT Movement.

Giving someone else equal right does not infringe or take away rights from you. It just makes it illegal to enforce your prejudice and hate. It's that simple.

Infographic: A Global Look at Human Trafficking To coincide with National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, which lasts through January, UNICEF has tackled the subject with a dynamic infographic. "In 2012, there were only 4,746 trafficking convictions worldwide. This number seems even more alarming when considering that of the estimated 21 million individuals currently being trafficked, 5.5 million of them are children."

95% of women involved in prostitution report sexual abuse as a child at the same time, 1 in 3 women have been abused

There are 27 million slaves worldwide. Slavery is not just something that happened a hundred years ago. It happens every day, more than it did back then. Every 26 seconds a child is sold. We can't just sit back and do nothing.

We need to do what we can to help poor babies sold into this sick and evil problem. Compassion International as well as several others are in the thick of this and could use our support!

New Book About Human Trafficking | Stop Traffick FashionStop Traffick Fashion

not so much the fire and laundry..but truth that real men don't buy girls. There are more slaves now than ever before...27 million. Educate yourself on human trafficking..

Words from a convicted trafficker. "$10,000 will buy you a woman. make it back in a week. the rest is profit." GRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julep’s Blues for a Cause Infographic