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Glee Season 4 has introduced some new characters to Glee. The two new girls are Becca Tobin show plays Kitty the newest Cheerio and resident mean girl. Are we going to see a transformation to break down those layers of b*tch? The total opposite is Marley Rose played by Melissa Benoist who is a sophomore and is humble and so excited to make the Glee club. It will be exciting to see how these new characters evolve!

Well Gleeks everywhere are starting to say that they are about to scream because they cannot wait until Glee Season 4 to return so they can see their beloved character and couples. Spoiler alert! Not every Glee couple will continue to be together. Also every Glee Club senior is vying for top position of New Directions. Who will it be? So if you want some teasers then read on to see what's up on first episodes of Glee.

We love Ryan Murphy's passion about his work. He is staying busy with Glee, American Horror Story and now a new NBC hit A New Normal. Ryan being on Twitter has made Gleeks feel closer to the show and express what they feel about he characters and where they are going. Ryan listens and tweets back with that 's brilliant. That has made us Gleeks feel a new excitment about Season 4 . Ryan Murphy talks to The Hollywood Reporter about his excitement about Season 4

We think we are going to fall in love with Glee a million times over with Season 4. It is exciting , fresh, new faces , and still the old faces we love! There will be more in depth storylines , more adult themes but still the great talent that makes us tune in week after week!! Glee Season 4 returns in 3 days. Gleeks everywhere we can hear you scream!!

Glee's Lea Michele who plays Rachel Berry on the hit series Glee will have a new duet partner singing with her in an upcoming episode of Glee. It will be one of the new characters at McKinley High School Glee Club ! Together they will sing Billy Joel's classic hit "New York State of Mind" How will it be filmed now that Rachel is in New York City attending NYADA.

Glee cast that includes Jacob Artist who plays Jake Puckerman, Melissa Benoist who plays Marley Rose, Becca Tobin who play Kitty, and Blake Jenner who plays Ryder Lynn have landed in Manila this am, June 7th. They were met by our fellow Gleeks snapping pics of the cast. What are these four doing in Manila??

This week we got to see Mark Salling(Noah Puckerman) on "Brittany 2.0". Really it made our night! Next week we get to meet a new character Sarah Jessica Parker's new character Isabelle who is suppose to be Kurt(Chris Colfer)mentor . We can't wait to see the chemistry of those two actors on screen! We think it will be a match made in heaven!! So excited for next week's episode!

No one was more surprised that Matthew Morrison who plays character Will Schuester on Glee. When Matt saw his best man to be Finn Hudson(Cory Monteith) kiss his bride to be Emma(Jayma Mays ) on last week's episode "Diva" he was slightly surprised. How that is going to be resolved in tonight episode 4x14 "I Do" we will have to see . Matthew Morrison in an interview with TV Guide did say after the wedding there will be some big feuds ahead for the characters on Glee. Can you guess who…