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Christmas Tree STEM plastic cup tree building STEM activity

Christmas STEM Ideas Engineering Christmas Trees

Try simple Christmas STEM ideas with kids this holiday and explore STEM inspired Christmas tree experiments and activities for Christmas STEM play and learn

Star Wars lego FUN for kids! This is a great twist on the class baking soda and vinegar experiment...who knew learning could be so fun?!

This is Such an Awesome Star Wars LEGO Science Idea!

A great activity for little Star Wars fans! Use a chemical reaction to save Han Solo (and his Star Wars buds) from the "carbonite"! Science and sensory fun! Extra Star Wars & Lego activities at bottom

Preserving A Spider Web: How to

Put real spiderwebs on paper. preserve a spiderweb on paper to explore/look at. or put the black paper behind it so it can be seen in detail and then take a picture so you don't have to destroy the spider's web.

This website is FULL of experiments to do with kids - It's even got a "preschool science" section!

Air pressure experiment

■Place the cooled boiled egg on top of the glass bottle, making sure there is no way the egg fits through. Ask an adult to light two matches and drop them inside the glass jar, quickly place the egg back on top. ■Watch as the egg drops inside the jar.

Making it rain! Good science project!

Water Cycle - Hot water in jar, ice at top to condense. Kids would "get" the water cycle SO MUCH more if they did THIS instead of just read about it in a text book!and so simple.

Glow in the Dark Slime - this will be perfect for 5th Science birthday party!

Making Slime for Kids

We want to try this at FarmTime Classroom! The perfect Halloween craft for kids, glow-in-the-dark slime! Also makes a great Halloween party favor for kids.

good idea for when she's a little bit older and I can trust that she won't try to eat it: glow-in-the-dark slime.

How to Make Glow in the Dark Slime with this easy Slime Recipe

JUST FOR FUN EXPERIMENTS: This website is dedicated to science experiments using candy. (pictures and EASY step by step instructions included)

A website dedicated to science experiments using candy. Great for kids science experiments for school