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Grant Gustin as Finnick? Is this even a serious question? ;)

I found finnick!!!!

Finnick's letter to Annie :(

Finnick <3

Sam Claflin as Finnick? I'm offended. Haha I'm kidding!...but seriously

"While I’m trying to think what that means and how I should act- maybe throw up or something- Finnick has positioned himself at the edge of the water." -- I am squealing on the inside

Game of Thrones

Hunger Games

Why. Just why. :(

Sam Claflin To Play Finnick Odair In "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" I liked him in Pirates!

6 Portraits "Hunger Games" Should've Made



The Hunger Games Boy With The Bread shirt ($20)

Something to think about

2013. Jennifer Lawrence on set of 'Catching Fire', in theaters November 22. #Deepcor #catchingfire #hungergames #jlaw #jenniferlawrence #film #movies #onset #entertainment

Damon Alaric Elena - we were a family

Old Disney Movies

Dude, don't you have, like, three older brothers?

*runs and hides in corner to cry*

3 episodes in and I am already in love with this show! #Reign