Vintage Elaine & Jerry having their coffee! Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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Ellen DeGeneres rocks a FASHION what no way i love her even more now

Seinfeld quote - Elaine asks Jerry about dating, 'The Wink'

of the population is undateable? Then how are all these people getting together? Alcohol oh seinfeld

H.E. Pennypacker - Kramer (The Brilliant Aliases Of “Seinfeld”) | By: Sarah Karlan, via BuzzFeed, via YouTube (#seinfeld)

The Brilliant Aliases Of "Seinfeld"

Seinfeld: H. Pennypacker - Kramer (The Brilliant Aliases Of “Seinfeld”)

Jackie and John F. Kennedy.

President John F. Kennedy Jack & Jackie Photo Booth Pictures The photo booth photo above was taken on a different occasion as the two bel.

probably my favorite picture of allll time!!

Two Icons of the Marilyn Monroe & James Dean--- I'm very distant cousins.Like VERY distant, with James Dean.

seinfeld george

11 Hilariously Wonderful Classic Photos Of 'Seinfeld'

Chalk it up to early style for the most part, but the below "Seinfeld" promo photos are hilariously wonderful.

George Clooney.... one less bachelor in the world. Congratulations!

George Clooney espresso style Love Coffee - Makes Me Happy

“Kids don’t remem­ber what you try to teach them. They remem­ber what you are.” – Jim Henson

The Rainbow Connection

Sesame Street Muppet's Bert and Ernie with Jim Henson & Frank Oz

hahahahahaha! what the heck Will Farrel? You're so weird! hahahahaha @Dani Bullion for you :)

This picture makes me an extremely happy lady.

I love Will Ferrell. Butts Below the Border // Will Ferrell brings his comedy (and unlikely body-image crusade) to Mexico.

"The measure of achievement is not winning awards. It's doing something that you appreciate, something you believe is worthwhile. I think of my strawberry souffle. I did that at least twenty-eight times before I finally conquered it." - Julia Child

Julia Child Happy Birthday Julia you make us all smile loved her. Have one of her cookbooks

Anthony Bourdain's 13 Places to eat before you die. - Champagne Living

"Your body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.” -Anthony Bourdain, addict of all kinds of drugs one can imagine. So, never trust a TV cook.

coffee break + Alfred Hitchcock.

Ok mag

4 quintessentially English things in one: Alfred Hitchcock, reading a newspaper, with a cup of tea and his pet pooch.