What Happens In Storytime...: Display - Blind Date with a Book

Superhero theme...

A fact a week - love it! Display non-fiction books on the subject each week.

A Year's worth of Library Displays

Libraries help us grow:: use next Spring??

Blind Date with a Book

author of the month...it would be nice to start out with four or five authors and then switch it to student writers for the rest of the year.

book day/ love the library storytime

new books display

Another Blind Date with a Book display

A book tasting! great idea for a lesson. introduces students to new book by providing a "sample" of a few different books.

This "blind date with a book" is a great way to get kids to try new books!

No more interruptions from children needing books taped up! Create your own Book Hospital: A place for students to place all damaged books.

Blind Date With a Book

space books for kids

Books about ocean animals

Book that Teach Kids About the World Around them

book displays

Get the kids to take a book

Idea for displaying space books