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Why You Should Stop Wasting Time Deleting Pins

Stop Wasting Time Deleting Your Pins! According to Pinterest HQ, it's not a good idea and you could be deleting pins that would have gone viral just a few months later. Here's the breakdown of why deleting pins is a myth and that you shouldn't be doing it.

Remember that great idea you Pinned a while back and always meant to try? When you’re on the go, here’s an easier way to find things you’ve Pinned.

How to Get Your Readers to Start Pinning From Your Blog

How to get your readers to pin from your blog - Get your readers and visitors pinning images and content from your site to their Pinterest boards with these tips on how to optimise your website for Pinterest.

37 Pinterest Board Name Ideas that Will Get You MORE Clicks, Pins & Followers

37 Pinterest Board Name Ideas that Will Get You MORE Clicks, Pins and Followers:

Unless this store just magically starts making money, I'm pinning this for future reference. Ugh.

What to Pin on Pinterest? 10 Ideas for Businesses

Have you been thinking about using #Pinterest to market your business? Wondering what you should pin on Pinterest? Here are 10 business ideas for you.

Spicy Sausage and White Bean Soup a One Pot Dinner

What to Pin on Pinterest to Attract your Dream Customer

Do you ever find yourself stuck wondering “What the heck am I supposed to pin for my business?” Well, the first thing to consider is, what would your dream customer pin? Check out these essential tips to pinning with your customer in mind, plus a quick content guide at the end with ideas & prompts to give you endless ideas of exactly what to pin to attract your dream customer.