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I like how this references the many years a person has lived, and yet there is some organization to it. I am finding myself pinning a lot of the same concept today - layers of personality (just like many character strengths), organic images (just like complex human beings), but organized in some particular way (that's the Lab part of what we are doing - we are organizing this stuff for people so we can understand it better), images with flow and texture but some organization as well...

from nakedpastor

charcoal pine

Since you won't allow me direct light, I will accept the indirect light of the moon. I can't see clearly. But you won't seem to allow me to either. That's okay. I'll abide. And be beautiful besides...

from Etsy

Haunting Figure Drawing Gothic Moody Dark Shadow Crayon Wading Water Fog Fine Art Wander VII

Clara Lieu, lithographic crayon on Dura-Lar. This drawing is from "Wading", a project that presents the most severe form of isolation as loneliness that is experienced when physically surrounded by other people. The presence of others is what can intensify the experience of loneliness for an individual. These works depict figures wading in an infinite and undefined body of water. I visually portray loneliness as the experience of feeling unseen and unknown within a group.