List of 30 procedures to remember to teach at the start of the year. Good list even for veteran teachers.

Holy cow, 271 pages of Post-it activities for teachers. This might be a pin now, read later. This is a cheap, easy way to get students up and moving while still learning and it gets them thinking of different types of questions to ask.

A veteran middle school teacher shares her classroom management no-nos and offers productive alternatives to each. Now, that's awesome!

This site is FILLED with room set-ups! Don't say I didn't warn you! You'll be on this site for hours!!!

This list of attention grabbers will be extremely useful for managing my classroom. The songs will grab the students attention and help them to become aware that I need to tell them something. It can also be used for switching when working at stations.

Must make one of these for next year!!!

I will need to remember this for next year!

Totally making a powerpoint of memes to teach classroom procedures next year

11 Habits of an Effective Teacher | Edutopia- Excellent list!

Hello english teacher. Your getting this when I graduate

5 Changes That Saved My Sanity; great list to look at and remember for next year!

Large list of Teacher Grants

You can even use the same post-its from year to year.

Tattle poster - Do I need to tell the teacher? Yes/No list. Love this!

Thank You Note, great for speakers who come in the classroom, parent helpers, etc.

beginning of the year procedures checklist

teacher desktop organizer, with weekly plan on the front. she has tabs for: to copy, to do, to file, to send home & next week. the cute printable to do list is sticking up in the back :) this blog has lots of cute ideas for classroom!

An Educators Life: I want to try this. Every time the class is on task have them pull a letter title and place it anywhere they choose! When a word is completely spelled they receive that prize

beginning of year procedures

This double sided chalkboard photo prop can be used year after year! One side is for the first day of school and the other side is for the last day. Record your

I do this every year but I love the poem to go with it!