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KEEP CALM AND LOVE CHANNING TATUM - KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON Image Generator - brought to you by the Ministry of Information

every time. I think this is an INTJ thing. I don't know anyone else who 'gets' this!

If you don't love Hocus Pocus, I don't want to know you.

We Just Want Functional Pockets

This was college!!! I was called a reprobate by my Geology professor because of this kind of stuff. :)

Tired Old Design Meme - Keep Calm & Carry On #food

I don't always pin, but when I do I pin 5,000 things in one sitting! LOL - so true!

I'm gonna have to agree with Robin on this one...yummy!

They would have awesome lunch specials and a great selection of tasty, healthy salads and diet pop - that's why we'd eat there...

Poor Jonah, never go to the beach with Channing Tatum. Although, I admit I would probably die if I got the chance to take a picture with Channing Tatum.